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12" FU750 DROP IN Re-cone kit
Be sure to select correct coil impedance from the drop down menu.


When order your recone make sure you order the proper choice for your needs.


On the FU750V1 (Discontinued Model) there are two different motors

       Dual 4 motor will only accept a V1 Dual4 recone

       Dual 2 motor will accept a V1 Dual 2 or a dual 4 recone

       V2 recones WILL NOT work in the V1 Motors as the coil winding height is longer and will bottom out in the motor so it is not offered as a option for a V1 motor (v2 recones have a longer coil winding)



On the FU750V2 there is only one motor

   V2  Motors will accept a dual 2 or a dual 4 v2 recone

   V1 recones will not fit in a v2 motor at all as we have changed the gap size to improve performance over the V1 design.

FU750-12 Re-cone Kit


    The following is replaced:
    Surround, cone, primary & secondary dustcaps, voice coil, spiders, and leads.

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